How to Change the World Naked

Kamasutra 3D, the latest movie directed by Rupesh Paul, is not just a film about sex. It’s a manifestation of the power of women’s body in a country where rape is a sort of disease.

Here you have the chance to watch on YouTube the trailer of next Sherlyn Chopra’s movie Kamasutra 3D. It’s the first chapter of a trilogy that should be about the story of a child bride who, in the long journey that will take her to meet her husband, will meet a mysterious stranger who will introduce her to the mysteries of sexuality.

Yes, I know. It sounds something like Fitfy Shades of Curry. Maybe. We can’t understand much more from the trailer. I guess it’s a director’s choice.

I think it’s worthwhile to spend a little time talking about the subject. If nothing else for the trouble Rupesh Paul made in order to get this production approved by the Indian Central Board of Film Certification. If nothing else because Rupesh Paul did not choose the protagonist of his movie at random. If nothing else because the film will be presented at the Cannes Film Festival, not after midnight on the Pay tv. And our Rupesh claimed he is sure of winning a prize.

Sherlyn Chopra is probably the most beautiful actress in Bollywood, she’s doubtlessly the most famous one though. No doubt she’s the one who created more scandal. They said she called Hugh Garner to tell him she would become the first Indian girl to pose totally nude on the cover of Playboy.

Essential to understand the scope of these gestures is to contextualize. Sherlyn’s mother is Muslim, Sherlyn lives in a country where rape is a sort of endemic disease and where to solve it they force women to dress more.

Sherlyn, instead, takes her clothes off.

And after being stripped for Americans, becoming the target of public opinion of his country, she decided to undress for her people. She did not escape, she returned.

She didn’t play in Eyes wide shut. This movie is called Kamasutra 3D, it’s a Indian story. It is as if she put sex in front of the eyes of her country and explained that one of the highest cultural pages of their history had been written through it. A book envied by the whole world.

She, with her naked body, is saying that sex could be Art. It could be beautiful, without violence. She’s fighting a cultural revolution, she is changing a country. She is saving some women.

Because it’s useless to make laws against rape if people are not ready to understand them. You can not always impose things from above and expect to be obeyed, sometimes you also have to explain what you mean by your acts. And I’m not the one who discovered that a woman’s ways are better than those of a politician.

Indian people wrote it, about three thousand years ago.

  • Shreya Ray

    This is a response to

    “Sherlyn lives in a country where rape is a sort of endemic disease and where to solve it they force women to dress more.”

    This is certainly a very biased and hurtful statement (as I’m an Indian). While I agree that the disgusting crime of rape, in India, is on the rise, it is definitely not ‘endemic’, and India is NOT the country with highest number of rapes. People are being raped all over the world. Rape is a crime against humanity, that happens in all human races. We all are struggling with it, and we all are trying to find solutions. Singling out a country is certainly not fair. For the sake of statistics, you can look here:

    However, the common man/woman in India does not understand rape- the nature of the crime- properly. This does lead to the misconception of ‘provocative clothes’ (which of course, is not just in India but many other countries). And since no parent would want to take the risk of their child suffering from a trauma like rape, they are little overprotective. India is a developing country, it will take time for people to get educated, and it will take time for people to understand what is rape and how it can be prevented.

    I just hope you understand.

    P.S. I did not know who is Sherlyn Chopra before reading your article, although the name sounded familiar. That is to say, most people in India don’t know about her. Her name must have surfaced during some scandal, as you say. She is definitely no one important in Bollywood, she might have done some small roles. I don’t don’t intend to take away her credibility, but I thought I should mention this as you have a totally mistaken opinion of her fame among the Indian audience. But of course, kudos to her boldness!

    • Stefano Gallinaro

      Wow. Brilliant. I’d never thought these words could be read even in India! Thank you for your answer, the only thing I can do is to agree with you. As you can see in my biography I’m Italian, your words are the prove that what media tell us about your country is not the truth, or it’s just a piece of the truth. When I wrote this post (about last january) we were told that there were so much cases of rape. That statement which you quote was about a news I read about a sort of law voted in Pondicherry in order to prevent violence against women (sorry if I don’t link to the news but I can’t find it in English)

      I’m sorry if I wrote something that hurt someone, I didn’t want to. I hope that your words could make my post better and help to understand how things actually are.

      Thanks, really

      • Shreya Ray

        I know there are some ridiculous laws/viewpoints in some parts of India (Pondicherry is a small Union Territory, smaller than many other cities). India is a huge and very diverse country. I guess many such weird laws are allowed to exist locally in some places because the locals want them, and we have to accommodate them and take them along if we are to stay united. I am hopeful that the locals would themselves discard such laws as the economic growth percolates.

        Another thing that is happening of late in the country is that rape is all over the news. Although rapes must have been happening in India at some average constant rate like everywhere else (which is enough to be ashamed of), lately people are panicking a lot because in the present generation, a lot of parents are taking the ‘risk’ of sending their children to study in distant parts of the country. So a crime like rape is one of their biggest fears. For some reason, the Indian media has taken up the issue very seriously and makes it a point to make a headline out of every possible rape case in the country, followed by discussions and debates that go on for days. Although this irritates many people who want to see other news too, I think what the media is doing is good because overemphasis on rape has caused many people to reevaluate the law and order situation and woman’s rights. Also, many young people are discussing it in all the forums, helping to get a better understanding and eradicating misconceptions.

        However, I guess this has produced the kind of image that a lot of rapes happen in India.

  • soumodeep

    can you be more ignorant. Sherlyn is one of the least famous actresses in India, yea she’s hot but she’s achieved nothing in life but dancing around naked. With utmost respect please check your sources before you hurt a sentiment of a country which has a much more glorious and liberal history. kamasutra is not any eyes wide shut it is made from ancient Indian epic written thousands of year before christ was born. It was an erotic literature. Please don’t insult us blatantly like t his.